Workshops & Seminars

We offer many Soft Skills Workshops. This is not an exhaustive list. Workshops & Courses can be designed to your requirements.

workshops-and-seminarsPresentation Skills

  • Are you leading a project and need to engage your project team or stakeholders?
  • Are you a manager who needs to motivate the workforce and disseminate information in a way that employees can understand and utilise?
  • Are you going for an interview and trying to impress a potential employer?

Plain English

Plain English is paramount when we are communicating with our customers. The only measure of a document's clarity is whether it can be read, understood and acted upon on a single reading. Any communication sent to customers e.g. forms, letters, information leaflets and complaints redress needs to be clear and does not, potentially, result in re-work.

Confidence & Effectiveness

Gaps in confidence can impact heavily on the success of a business. Make positive steps to finding out how you can raise your confidence levels and effectiveness.

The aim of this workshop is to explore the elements of confidence building in relation to networking and day-to-day business handling. It will also help you in lots of other elements of your life.

Facilitations Skills

Total Change can offer the services of a Facilitator for your important meetings or we can offer you a Workshop to give your staff the skills to become an effective facilitator.

Improving Customer Service Calls

Does your business need to reduce the volume of complaints caused by advisor attitude when interacting with your customers? This Workshop is aimed to help delegates develop skills to handle calls efficiently, fairly and consistently.